A visual concept and identity for the play “The Robot Project”, produced by Flyvende Grise and Stages of Science. The play focuses on the evolution of man, robot technology and artificial intelligence.
For our school exam the summer of 2019, we were tasked with creating a visual concept for the play, as well as an animated feature.
To further engage the audience, I created a visual concept based on actively using Augmented Reality (‘AR’) animations in the play, as well as in the marketing of the play. The goal of this was to have the audience actively using technology during their experience. I wanted to strengthen the message of the play, regarding how far technology has evolved in the last decade in both good and bad ways.
Animated version of the poster – Shown in AR to the right
Animation to use during the play – as a visual aid for the audience. Shown in AR to the right
AR venue animation
Example of animation that should be placed at the theater. The goal with these AR decorations is to engage the audience from the moment they arrive at the venue.

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